Our Heritage Since 1986, Tecma continues to enjoy a well-founded reputation as a leader in maquila manufacturing with a wide range of client companies operating in 20 plants in 4 Mexican cities and 4,000 employees strong.

Our Mission “Our mission is to create an environment where our clients and employees never want to leave us”. Our constant goal is to put the needs of our clients first and foremost. To accomplish this, we engage 100% of Tecma’s activities to exceed all standards through steadfast improvements in our leadership training, teambuilding, innovation, and safety. We strive for maximum effectiveness and efficiency in all facets of our business processes.

We strive to consistently meet customer needs and exceed expectations through our goals for zero defects, on-time delivery and continuous improvement of our standards.

Our Vision Tecma’s vision is to remain the leader in the Industry through constant improvement in customer satisfaction, employee loyalty, systems and product innovation, advancement in technology and state-of-the-art facilities.

Our success depends on our workforce, therefore we provide our employees with a safe and comfortable working environment with continuous training and involvement.

We pride ourselves on blending benchmark human resource improvement practices, integrity, and innovative technology to provide services and products that meet or exceed our customer requirements.

We are committed to the future of our company and our customers. We shall seek trading partners that align with our policies and synergy to promote our mutual growth.

We believe in three critical principles that govern our win-win relationship with customers and suppliers: mutual trust, mutual benefit, and mutual respect.